Sunday, August 31

Girl Power Over on my About site, I maintain a special section of resources on motivation so I'm always looking for good sites devoted to inspiration. I ran into a good one that's just getting started called Inspirational Woman that's for women who would like to share their hopes, dreams, successes, and struggles related to reaching their highest potential in life, be it physical, spiritual, financial, or in personal relationships.

Wednesday, August 27

Rip van Winkle Did I miss anything exciting in the last day? I woke up this morning completely, 100% exhausted and decided I'd better take the day off work to refocus and recharge. I went back to bed and didn't wake up until this evening! I just went to Starbucks for a venti Americano and was thinking I might go to cardio but I actually want to go back to bed. Making myself read this article to remind myself that I really need to get on a tighter sleeping schedule, regardless of my creative pursuits or training.

Saturday, August 23

Up for Fun I woke up super early and excited to train. A friend and I were talking last night about how hard it is to find someone who "gets" the gym thing. I don't know if I could find a person to understand days like today. I feel like a long, sweaty, extended workout. I'm headed to the gym all bundled up now in an extra shirt and pullover. I recently discovered I have awesome workouts if I warm fairly intensely for 15-20 minutes first. I'm getting back on my normal saturday/tuesday leg day groove so it's leg day again and I don't want to look pretty when I'm done. My calves are completely tender from Weds still so I may skip those but I am bringing an extra set of gym clothes for whenever I soak through the first set. I've never done this before and don't know what I'm in for- I just feel like going to the outer limits of my physical capabilities today and enduring something significantly uncomfortable.

Sorry- am I supposed to be talking about food & give you recipes? I've had 1/2 can of tuna this morning with balsamic vinegar & 2 cups of coffee....

Friday, August 22

100 Reps I'm up early for cardio. Trying to gradually shift my day to start earlier so I can train at least a few mornings a week. I'm a night owl, big time. My calves are in agony. A bunch of people I know from the Iron Online yahoogroup decided to throw in 100 reppers to our workouts. On Wednesday, I did my regular workout, then tacked on a 100 rep set of squats and two 100 rep sets of standing calf raises. My intent was one of each but I got all crazy and pushed myself to do the 2nd set on the calf raises. I could barely even walk yesterday, LOL. If it sounds like an interesting proposition, You can read what I had to say about the benefits of a 100 rep set here: Yahoo! Groups : IronOnline Messages : Message 88240 of 88346 ">Why You Should Do a 100 Rep Set

Monday, August 18

Neven the Terrible My 2x/wk trainer Neven was in Croatia for 3 wks so I've been on bit of a break from training. If you call free weights and non-stop heavier supersets a break anyway! He rang me on the cell to let me know doom awaits me. I'm both fearful and excited as I've reached a new level in my training and know it. The trust & confidence in myself feels really good. I can hardly wait to get to the gym and I think about it all day (more than food, lol).

Sunday, August 17

Lived a Little I took yesterday off from training. I've been under a lot of stress lately. I'm not blaming anyone- I get involved too many things and wind up not sleeping and therefore losing effectiveness and focus. I don't skip workouts but a lot of times I let personal errands (laundry etc) fall to the wayside and forget to go out and have fun.

I really needed a break so I spent the day dragging my son all over the place. I had my nails done, got a pedicure and then went shopping for stuff I *don't* need. After, we went to dinner and I cheated on my diet (Olive Garden, pasta...yum). Then I went to a friend's house to watch "Old School" (I love when Will Farrell runs to "the quad", lol) and drank 3 Malibu rum & cokes (I only drink 1-2x per year). I guess that qualifies for enough of a break!

I normally train legs on Satuday and Tuesday these days so this means I'm sitting here on a Sunday afternoon DREADING the impending torture that's waiting for me. I guess the fun & games is over...... time to go get my workout & cardio in, grocery shop, and pay some bills.

Home Page Nav Problems Who would imagine that adding little arrows to my Stella's Kitchen navigation menu would screw up all my pages? The banner is pushing down over the nav links and all of the text is centering once it's live but not when I'm editing the file. Be patient, I'm getting them fixed one page at a time. One day, I'm just gonna have to pay someone to be my webmaster but I hate paying for things I can learn to do.

Saturday, August 16

Well, this is my very first blog. Let's see if I can get it to work!