Saturday, September 27

What's Cookin? There is a great new cookbook out called Fitness Menus that you'll enjoy. It's just been published so for a limited time it's available at a discount price of only $15. Inside is a nice variety of healthy recipes from top fitness professionals including Don Lemmon, Lori Ann Lloyd, Jenny Lynn, Raye Hollitt ("Zap" from American Gladiators). I also have several selections included. Let me know how you like it.

Tuesday, September 23

Clean Plate Club Here's an interesting article on the origins of the Clean Plate Club

Monday, September 22

Go Broncos Well, for once I am going to do something besides go to the gym on a Monday night. I'm usually not much of a sports fan but I'm expanding my horizons. My sister said I'm in for an experience watching us play Oakland. That's what I tried to tell her about squatting but she quit after two reps because it hurt. I meant to train this morning but didn't wake up in time so now I have to go tonight. ;-( Planning is such an important part of staying on a fitness plan-I've known I was going to this game and should have planned better.

Speaking of expanding horizons, I learned to ski last year and this is the first year I can't wait for the snow. I'm going to get a pass for me and my son and go at least every other week.

Saturday, September 20

Extra Fun I'm helping my sister move today and strangely, am looking forward to the feeling of big heavy things. It's always kind of cool to see being a regular lifter pay off and hold your own with TVs, boxes, and helping your brother lift up a couch or solid wood armoire. I love not being a wimp. I'm going to wear my pink Super Girl shirt. ;-)

Had a great weekend breakfast. 3 eggwhites with a little of my son's leftover chicken fajitas mixed in and oatmeal with strawberry-banana crystal light mixed in (don't knock it till you try it!). Now I'm off for my vice- a venti American with sugar-free vanilla from Starbucks. I love coffee!

Wednesday, September 17

Test of Will, Matter of Choice My family is meeting at Amici's for my brother's birthday tonight. They make the BEST pizza in the world and do not serve anything healthy. Since I'm leaving from work, I'm just bringing some cooked oatmeal mixed with vanilla protein. I admit this will be hard because I'm having one of those days when I feel hungry even right after eating and of course, it's my favorite place. But I still have to train tonight- legs at that and no way can I do it after pizza. I suppose I'll quit hanging a lip here and go cook my oatmeal. I can have pizza on Sunday.

Tuesday, September 16

The Kitchen News I've got a new edition of the Stella's Kitchen newsletter up (finally- thanks for your patience). The online version isn't as snazzy as the one that comes in your email, especially if your use html-enabled email software so be sure and subscribe yourself (plus it makes me feel better about paying the monthly charge to constant contact for a nice looking newsletter).

Monday, September 8

TV + Soda = Obese Kids My friend Rick, the Guide for's Nutrition site has a word or two that I think all parents should read.

Thursday, September 4

Football Chili The football season is upon us so round up the posse for some football and some steamin' hot 5-alarm Texas chili from Stella's Kitchen. High Protein, High Fiber, High Flavor, Hot- what else would you expect from me?! ~Stella

Wednesday, September 3

No Bad Apples Okay, don't go baking an apple pie on me or anything but since it's harvest time, here's a good FAQ on picking the best apples. I did check out some of the recipes listed here. The Apple Stuffed chicken breast is okay as is although you could be extra carefull and sub oatmeal (dry) for the tablespoon of breadcrumbs. If you use the applesauce recipe, drop the cup of sugar of course. You could replace it with an equivalent amount of Splenda although I would think about cutting back on even that. If you use good apples and throw in some cinnamon, I think you'll find you don't need to add a lot of sugar to that which nature has already made sweet. The Apple Walnut salad would be great for a special occasion with a little modification. Reduce the amount of walnuts by 1/2. On the vinaigrette, omit the sugar, increase the balsamic vinegar to 2/3 cup, and use 1/3 c. olive oil instead of the 1 cup of vegetable oil. You'll really only need to lightly drizzle the salad- the flavor of this will go a long way with this modification. You may not even use it all. ~ Stella