Thursday, October 30

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Here are some great tips for freezing. Here are some freezer facts from me!

Office Sabateurs My office is horrible. There were donuts yesterday. This morning there was more donuts, pistachios, & mini sweet peppers (?) ! Now they just put out trays upon trays of halloween cookies and it's only 10 am. Chocolate is involved, please send prayers. The cookies are looking at me with sad eyes and saying "but don't you want us?" I love chocolate!

Sending vibes of resistance to all of you in offices around America dealing with the same Halloween treats in your face over the next few days! Best thing to do is just avoid the lunch room until everything is gone (or nobody is watching- inwhich case have two of everything).

PS Does anyone need a jogging stroller? I have one up for sale on Ebay that I no longer need.

Monday, October 27

Carb Scorecard Here's an super simplified explanation of what types of carbs are better for you than others. Depending on how creative I'm feeling, my carb of choice is usually just plain ole' oatmeal. It's so easy to make it in just the right amount at work that I eat it at least once a day. The best kind are McCann's Steel Cut Oats. They are pricey and take long to cook but a nice treat every few days. These are as close to unprocessed oats as you can buy and very hearty. Bob's Red Mill carries these in their product line too but they are cut smaller and I don't like them as much.

Sunday, October 19

Good News I heard from my publisher the other day that "Stella's Kitchen" was just awarded "Best Cookbook of 2003" by the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Publishers Association. It feels really good inside to see its existence spread basically by word of mouth endorsement/recommendation from people who like and USE the cookbook instead of finding it something that is better for a bookshelf. The most flattering thing possible would be for me to see it laying in someone's kitchen with worn pages that are kind of smudged with accidental ingredient mishaps.

Friday, October 17

Need Your Tips I'm trying to build the Net's largest list of reader tips for sticking to your sticking to your diet and need your help. Send your tips to me and I'll publish them on the site. Thanks!

Monday, October 13

Nothing In Particular I had my first good morning workout on Friday. I'm going to keep sticking with it as I know over time I'll be used to it. The time with my family and friends or just relaxing in the evening is going to be*SO* worth it- invaluable, really. Speaking of which, I am going through a tremendous phase of personal/spiritual growth right now and realizing so much about who and what really truly matters to me, like family. This was one reason for the early am workouts. I had a really good time with my family today and *feel* everything going in the right direction. I think a lot of time we let life overtake us and leave family in our back pocket
even when they are what matters the most to us.

Thursday, October 9

Freaky Finger Foods - Help! Everyone is already bringing candy into work. I founs some cute "healtheir" Halloween party alternatives and thought you might like them. I like the "Acrid Appetizer", I think I'll make one for my son's school party.

PS Trying to move into a regular AM workout schedule is killing me. Lacking in intensity, please send me vibes while I re-orient my day to begin at 4:30 am instead of 7. I get the feeling this will be my challenge of the month training-wise.

Wednesday, October 1

A Peek into the Worldwide Pantry For those of you with a more discriminating taste or blessed with adventurous taste buds will enjoy this ingredient/spice chart. Not every single thing can be eaten in mass quantities but it gives you a good idea on how to put an ethnic spin on your food.