Wednesday, January 28

Souper Bowl I'm not much for be honest it's almost like watching one long, continuous football game year in and year out (with the exception of "costume" changes). However, the Super Bowl does give me the excuse to cook. Here's the recipe for Wild Bill's 15 Bean Texas Chili. Wild Bill is actually a friend of mine. Back in his competitive powerlifting years, his 3 lift total exceed 1,000 pounds.
Super Bowl Chili

Sunday, January 25

I know I haven't posted very often lately. I've been so busy with work, family, and otherwise broadening my horizons with activities outside of cooking and writing and working out. I kind of needed a break from anything to do with food, I think! After church, we went to Country Buffett. Now I remember why I don't go to buffetts! Way to hard to face all that temptation. I think I ate like 3 meals worth of food! Once in awhile I guess it's okay to do that but I'm uncomfortably stuffed and don't recommend it for anyone whose dieting right now...not even for a cheat day, lol.

Thursday, January 8

Bread Recipes as Like Ezekiel Bread
I am fasting for spiritul reasons and came across this site. The woman has a whole section on natural , nutritious recipes, including this one for a version of Ezekial Bread. I'm not sure if you've ever tried it, but the Ezekial Bread made by Food for Life is a flourless, live 7 -grain bread. It's pretty dense and hearty but a lot better than regular bread. Tastes better toasted. Anyway, if you don't want to buy it, you can try this recipe.

Thursday, January 1

What's Cookin Good Lookin?
Happy New Year everyone. I've been enjoying the holiday season so haven't been online much. I hope you can forgive me! I'm back strong for the new year and will have plenty of new stuff for 2004. I ran into this little website-- it has many homemade beauty treatment recipes I think will be fun to try.