Monday, February 16

Controversy over Dr. Atkin�s Death: "

Very interesting article about the death of Dr. Atkins. I guess the crux of the argument hinges upon whether or not Atkins actually followed his own diet or not. We'll never know.

Sunday, February 8

Pemmican Did you ever sit in your elemntary school class and wonder what exactly "pemmican" was? I found a recipe for it online and was actually thinking about trying it (or some variation of it). Anybody ever eat anything like this?

Wednesday, February 4

Dry Stir Fry Problems?

I got an email from someone saying that they loved the stir-fry recipes in the Stella's Kitchen cookbook but that sometimes they were kind of dry.

What to do?

First, cooking with lean meat will always present this "problem". You can do a number of things to overcome it. The first would be to add more low-sodium broth or soy sauce (closer to the end of cookin). I was very conservative in the suggested amounts for the recipes because many people are on low-sodium diets and I didn't want to exclude them. You can also add a few squeezes of lemon or just plain old water towards the end of cooking to "re-wet" the food. Further, and probably best, you can just add more high-water content vegetables like onions or bell peppers or tomatoes (for an Italian type of stir fry).