Monday, September 12

Hold On, America - A Hurricane Survivor Tribute

I had a lot on my heart this weekend with the anniversary of 9/11 and continued feelings about the hurricane. I decided to do something with the grief in my heart as I was listening to an CD of mine. Anyway, just thought I'd share a pictorial slide tribute I put together to some music for Hurricane Katrina survivors.

Hold On, America - A Hurricane Survivor Tribute

Friday, September 2

40 Tons of Rotten Chicken

I am broken hearted and absolutely heartsick inside by what is happening to all of the people in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and in all the places these people are being evacuated to in Texas and elsewhere.

The Little Things
I'm one of those people who remembers the importance of doing the "little things" and so when it comes to something like this, I imagine everything so vividly, right down to the smell of rotting chicken and just how big and heavy an unchanged wet diaper can be before it finally splits apart. I imagine the cost of the buildings down to each nail and the labor of love it took to build & maintain homes. Lost family photos and baby teeth, drowned family pets, wedding rings never again to be seen. Historical landmarks and artifacts gone forever.....

Our Families
I imagine men trying to be strong for their families when they have no answers. I imagine the long term consequence and magnitude of recovery from this. Knowing the vulnerabilities and challenges of single motherhood myself, I think of all the single parent families there now, like the 18 project women who couldn't fit on a boat and gave their kids to one man to take care of while they waited for help. I imagine the kind of conversations mothers might be having with their children trying to explain this and comfort the Lost husbands, wives, and even little-kid lives.

Our Leaders
I feel the weight leadership carries on its shoulders, the tiredness of the police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, guardsmen, and volunteer aid workers and wish that I could give them my relatively unburdened shoulders. I want to give my fresh heart so their stores of compassion can stay full and they have an endless grace of patience. I want to give the right mix of words of strength, comfort, and directive action to those in positions of authority who are under the microscope of the world's eyes.

Our Tragedy
If you have ever been without food, perhaps fasted for a day or few days, or seriously dieted, then you know the tricks hunger alone can play with your mind. Add to this thirst, heat, humidity, stench, the feeling of losing a home, loved ones, seeing people die, knowing you have no job, having no answers... extrapolate these details out into a big picture of this tragedy and it just tears you to imagine what so many endure and will have to continue to endure until they can be replenished.

Our Friends
I am thinking of the many I know are from the area, most particularly wonderful and kind-hearted friend Vince McConnell of ET Fitness. I've got the feeling in my heart you are okay, but I am picturing you and your brother Mitch out there, tirelessly assisting others ignoring the crushing weight of your compassionate heart. You are in my prayers brother, Vince.

Our Nation, Our Prayers
All cities of the south, all affected people of the south, all leaders, soldiers, and relief workers, Mr. President, and our dear country of America, you are in our minds, our swollen hearts, our constant state of prayer.