Saturday, April 8

The Little Things

I have been eagerly awaiting the Dave Matthews summer tour tix to go on sale. They went on sale this morning at 10 am and of course I was sitting there poised for it to turn 10 am with all kinds of computer windows open to see where I could get better tix....San Diego, Irvine, or Hollywood.

I am so amazed at how many THOUSANDS of seats are sold in mere SECONDS!! By just hitting keystrokes seconds apart in my little windows, I wound up with fairly crappy seats in Hollywood, okay third level ones in Irvine, but am now the proud purchaser of two center section, lower level, center of the row, unobstructed view seats for the San Diego show at the Coors Amphitheatre in Chula Vista (two tix were $146, though...remember when concerts were like $25 total?)!!!

I am taking my awesome son Isaiah, who is now old enough to really appreciate and remember the experience of listening great music under the stars. He was raised taking cheap road trips with just momma through the Grand Canyon, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Vegas, and yes, even to Mexico. We'd drive for hours on end and even when he was really little, his job was to "DJ" and change the CDs to what he thought matched the scenery or mood. If he got bored, he went in the cargo area of my SUV to play with a small toy from his self-packed little pack-pack (backpack) or read a book or nap or look at "moo cows". He knew it was hard for me to drive at night, so he'd try to stay up to change the CDs as long as he could. We would sleep in the cargo area at rest stops, truck stops, and sometimes on the side of the highway. If I seemed to sleep too long, he gently wake me "Mommy, it's time to get on the road again."

So odd, I never, ever, have to listen to Sesame Street tunes, Britney Spears or Barney crap in my car. I never heard "I'm bored!" "Are we there?" "Turn it down, mom!" or any of that busines. It would be just me and this little man, hitting the road for little cheap adventures when Momma needed to think and telling him if life ever got to him, to just get in the car and go for a long drive to listen to some good music and drive until he felt it was time to turn around and come back home...that if he needed money for gas, I'd give it to him. We'd be jammin' out to every kind of music you could think of, including Dave Matthews.

I hear good music and my heart sees these a good movie...and I hear the soundtrack of my life with this little kid who has shaped and re-defined the last 10 years of my life again and again. I can think of nobody I'd rather go to this concert with than this little boy of mine.