Thursday, June 15

The Gift I Received Today

The Gift I Received Today

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
I have 24 hours to move forward, sit still, or take a step back.
I have one more time to rejoice in the divine opportunity to start over again.

I have one day to make a difference in the rest of my life,
impact the life of someone I love,
show genuine kindness to someone who will become a friend,
or anonymously provide to the person who will enjoy my fruits
without ever knowing my name.

I have enough time to make a positive decision, choice, or action
that will move me at least an inch closer in the right direction,
but not so much time that I don't have the grace to make a mistake.
I am human, I am not perfect,
I make errors in judgement and bad decisions.
Fortunately, this twenty-hours hours of time
doesn't have the power to crush my destiny.

There is no risk I can take in a single day,
no single mistake I can make,
that has the capability to destroy
the goodness God has purposed for my life before I even had a name.

I awoke with the gift of a new day in my hands.
With the next few hours, I can dream, hope, and imagine possibility,
and I can do something to make them real.
In the next few hours, I can embrace,
I can encourage, I can forgive,I can apologize,
I can love.

My life started all over when I woke up this morning,
and in my hands, I have the priceless gift of another chance.

- Stella Juarez, 6/2006


At 2:47 PM, Blogger Big Heavy said...

congratulations, today you made a difference.



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