Thursday, October 14

California Dreamin'

It's been awhile since I've checked in. I've been traveling a lot and was recently in the Big Apple for an Iron Online community get-together. Dave Draper and Dr. Ken Leistner hosted a great training seminar at the Mid-City Gym in Manhattan. Mike Katz was a surprise guest. Still has quite a barrel of a chest.

Anyway.... I'm MOVING to San Diego, California in just a couple of weeks. I'm so excited. I also found a jewel of a gym in Point Loma. It is a newly remodeled Gold's with every possible feature and peice of equipment you could imagine. They even have an outdoor free weight and hammer strength machine area. I am thrilled at the idea of training in the open air and living close to the beach. This will be the beginning of something awesome for me so stay tuned!