Sunday, November 23

Free Nutrition Guide & Workout/Meal Planning Worksheets I know it's right before the holidays and may seem useless to start cracking down on your diet, but I'm going to post this anyway. Now is the time to start thinking about what you're going to change and how you will change it and hold yourself accountable. These tools are courtesy of Lean System 7, just right-click on the tool you want to download. Oh, and take a peek at the recipes in the nutrition guide - they may seem familiar if you own a copy of Stella's Kitchen! Lean System 7 Resources

Tuesday, November 18

Overcoming Emotional Urges to Eat With the holiday season approaching, most of our emotions, positive or negative, will find themselves magnified. Here's a great message board post on by a guy I know practices what he preaches, Stephen Adele. ABSolute Success

Thursday, November 13

Turkey Time Take Advantage of Holiday Turkey Sales. This close to Thanksgiving, holiday meat sales abound. It's the perfect time to stock up on turkey breast. Here's how to buy, cook, and freeze your turkey breast to ensure you have plenty of lean protein on hand.

Sunday, November 9

Avoid Thanksgiving Disasters I'm from a huge family. This year, 14 of my aunts & uncles and their kids/spouses (from Dad's side) are all coming to Colorado for Thanksgiving. In my family, it's a little pretentious to visit & stay in a hotel so the sheer volume of food that will be cooked is scaring me- especially Thanksgiving dinner! I found this nice little planner for T-day. If you're going to be cooking, it's worth a read.MSN House & Home - Thanksgiving Planner

Friday, November 7

Pay it Forward I beleive that kindness and giving always comes full circle. My friend Wendy, the Walking Guide at, heard of my computer travails and decided to send me her old laptop. What a great person. Stop on by her great site and give her some page views, will ya? Looks like I'll be online next week sometime although the content is gone. Anyone who has sent unanswered "Ask Stella" email is free to submit them again.

Wednesday, November 5

PC Probs
I'm so upset! I lost my PC to a power surge. I lost *SO* much content, email, everything. I feel sick about it. Due to some other things I need to take care of this month, I can't just go buy a complete new system (which is what I needed anyway. Would you believe I was working off a Pent 1 class with a 6 gig HD? ) Any site stuff will be delayed for awhile- I need to recreate the content I was building for November once I get back online. ;-(